Jamie was told to play the trombone because, after a childhood incident left his hand deformed, he was told he would never play the keyboard or the guitar. So, today, we’re happy to introduce to you Jamie Coyle, guitarist, singer, songwriter and motivational speaker. We explore the band, the story behind his hand, a brand new song (free for download, by the way!), and his work with teenagers in schools. He’s fun, engaging, inspiring, transparent and, when you hear the song you’ll see, tremendously talented.

We also talk about the news broadcast that left Susie saying, “WHAT??!!!” Two stories in one news broadcast were just too much to handle. Consequently, she’s questioning her decision to take her child on a ride at a theme park and considering boycotting women’s artistic gymnastics at the Rio Olympics. Sometimes, a simple news broadcast has personal consequences for its listeners. And, this time, Susie took it personally.



To find out more about Jamie’s band, go to:
To download the new song: Ghost of 1999
To find out more about his work in schools, go to: Cat Vs Curiosity
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