Money, I was told as a child, is impolite dinner conversation. That doesn’t stop us from talking about it with our guest, Melissa Browne, author of “More Money for Shoes” and “Fabulous, But Broke”. We all have a relationship with money. Some of us have a healthy one, most of us don’t. Melissa breaks down the whole concept of seeing money as a relationship and how, if we want to get our perspective right, we just might need to break up with it for a while. Well, a month actually. She breaks down the tips on how to have a bit of a healthy money detox to get us on track to get our money working for us and not just having us working for it.

We also catch up with a mum who’s had to do some fast learning in the realm of allergies. Mother of seven year old twins, Melanie Funk’s boys were diagnosed with severe allergies and eczema at just one year old. As we catch up, you’ll hear that the list of things they aren’t allergic to is probably smaller. Now, Melanie is setting up a group called “Hands To Hold”. Starting on the Gold Coast and set to go national, Hands to Hold will provide practical and emotional support to families experiencing the overwhelming feelings of isolation that severe allergies and eczema bring.


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