When it comes to managing people, our guest today has it covered. Author of “The Corporate Dojo” and “The People Manager’s Toolkit”, Karen breaks down the role of a manager, by giving an understanding of the make up found universally within teams. We learn about the “incompetent genius” and the role of empathy in a leader. Is it essential?

We also catch up with Dr Jenny Brockis, who is author of the book, “Future Brain: The 12 Keys to Create Your High Performance Brain”. She is a specialist in the science of high performance thinking, which means she has her work cut out for her when chatting with Luke and Susie. We explore that instinct that sits beyond logical thought – our gut. When do we follow our gut instinct and when are the times that it’s downright wrong? Dr Jenny gives us some hints to understand where our gut instinct comes from and how to decipher what it’s trying to tell us.


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