In the world of sport, we see champions all the time. Our guest today, though, is not like most. She won the national title in rowing eight weeks after taking up the sport. Eight weeks! Eighteen months later, she won silver at the Beijing Olympics, just a fraction of a second behind the gold medal winner. This woman has gumption in bucket loads and talent to match. We chat about the new level she’s taken her training to as she prepares for the Olympics in Rio, her rise to success in the sport of rowing and the story of the accident that left her leg disfigured at two years old. Kathryn Ross left us inspired, encouraged, motivated and challenged.

And it’s a bit of a challenging day for Susie. On the one hand, as a part of the radio show, Susie is taste testing 15 different types of sandwiches, with topics suggested by the Luke and Susie community in Australia. This includes everything from crisps on bread, to tuna and red onion, through to frozen peas, lettuce and tomato sauce. On the other hand, she’s also been challenged to participate in an upcoming event called “Live Below the Line”. For five days, Susie will have $2 or less worth of food per day. It’s all for a great cause. We catch up with the man leading the charge on this event, Chris Wallace, CEO of Oaktree.


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