Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed of being a fireman or a princess or a rodeo clown? It seems that as we get older we get locked into the idea that life should look a certain way and we let go of our dreams and live the corporate life set out before us. Today’s guest, Gavin Sequeira, author of “Break Free From Corporate”, was pushed out of his corporate role: a challenge that set him on the path he’s now on of living his passion and inspiring others to do the same. We hear about the initial event that changed his life, the path his life was on beforehand and where it’s at now. We also catch a glimpse of his personal life in a game of “How did it get there”, looking at items in his living room and another game of “Have you ever?” as Luke asks the deep questions of the true joy of working for yourself.


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Break Free From Corporate: Be Your Own Boss
By Gavin Sequeira


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