Keneti and Liz Galo are a passionate pair. They’re passionate about their marriage, about their kids and about youth. Their program, 2Exhale, goes into schools and talks about those moments that take our breath away and those moments where we need to stop and take a breath. This whole message became so much more personal when Keneti had a heart attack, an event that changed him and his family and now is an experience that brings even more passion to the work of 2Exhale. One unique experience had by those encountering 2Exhale is that of clapping together. We don’t mean clapping to welcome someone, but rather strategic, in time, unified clapping. The reason behind the clapping is where we catch more of a glimpse of the heart of Keneti and Liz in the work they do in schools around Australia.


To find out more about Keneti, Liz and the 2Exhale School Program, go to: 2Exhale
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