Should Men Cry? Well in today’s day and age many people get upset that the question is even asked because us blokes are supposed to strive for being sensitive, in touch with our feminine side, secure enough in our masculinity to be comfortable showing emotion. However I think I have gone too far at times.

As a general rule I think the “Should Men Cry?” question should be answered with a passionate yes although I think my opinion may be discredited when you have finished reading my confession. I am a closet crier, a tear jerk affected by a weird tear jerker scenario.

My confession is that the two things that have me crying more than anything else in the world are the TV show Biggest Loser and the Nicholas Cage movie Con Air. Yes that is correct, Con Air.

It was a new release rental when I watched it the first time, I was alone, and it was 3 in the morning. I was tired, a little flat, and to be vulnerable I admit that I was feeling lonely. So when I got to the end of this action flick Con Air and started to cry I was very confused and embarrassed. I was previously mentioned that I was alone therefore it doesn’t really make sense why I looked around to make sure that nobody had seen my tears but it is fair to say that I was feeling quite self-conscious about this whole situation.

I soon went to bed and woke up thinking it was all a bad dream. Obviously I soon realised that it wasn’t a dream to I started to argue with myself internally. I was justifying why I cried and how it was a one off situation that will never happen again. In fact I wanted to prove to myself that it was an anomaly by watching it again in pure daylight, wide awake, when I was in a better frame of mind.

I watched it straight, away reassuring myself all of the way through the movie that I will soon see that I am not a freak who cries in action flicks but a manly man who can hold his head high in public once more. I watched and once again found myself in tears. WHAT? I THINK MEN SHOULD CRY BUT NOT AT CON AIR!

I watched again…I cried again.

A few years later I told Susie about this little problem I had and she didn’t believe me. She chuckled at me in fact in the midst of questioning exactly what it was that I was crying about. So I told her the scene that got me and she laughed at me again, she hasn’t stopped laughing at me through our entire marriage. You see as I explained the scene to her I again started to cry. I could not explain the scene in this action movie without crying.

So as I compose myself let me tell you the scene that had a grown man in tears.

Nicholas Cage played the role of Cameron Poe, a man who was imprisoned when his wife Tricia was pregnant with their first child. Although he was in jail he was a good guy, a good guy who had never seen his daughter before but after a number of years was being released and the only thing he could think about was meeting his little girl.

He had bought a little pink bunny as a present for his daughter for the moment that he met her for the first time. Throughout all of movie there were a series of events that changed the course of Cameron Poe’s day from being a simple flight hime to meet his daughter to fighting, death, and danger that forced him to work ferociously to stay alive and do the right thing to protect other people.

Cameron Poe and that little pink bunny went through the ringer before the end of the movie. There was Nicholas Cage looking at his wife and daughter holding a dirty, wet, and mostly destroyed pink bunny. He handed this bunny to his daughter and the symbol of this whole scene was that her dad would do anything for her. The damaged pink bunny was Cameron Poe’s love and passion for his daughter. WOW!

Men should cry but probably not at action movies and I am too emotional to write much more. Thanks for understanding.