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Debra Pascoe is well known as an expert in design, colour, and trends. Her passion has always been to assist others and find elegant solutions for each client. She has worked in and out of the corporate sector, and has acted as director of her own design business, Above Left Pty Ltd for 25 years. 

However, following a series of personal tragedies, she has recently shifted her focus to use the creative principals she knows so well to help people in a new way; to modify their patterns and redesign their lives.

Debra believes

 the first step in healing is learning to savour something again, allowing joy back into your life. From there finding your deep, often hidden, inner strengths and calling on them. And then building slowly, slowly.


Debra is the author of two books; A Cup of Black Coffee and VIVE! Transform yourself into something amazing. The books offer a positive, no nonsense approach to recovery from loss, offering smart solutions and demonstrating how one can redesign their life. She demonstrates through personal experiences how it can be done, that it IS possible!

Through life stories and experiences, Debra authentically shares how to move forward following tragedy, and learn to live again.


Debra offers live online courses, self-guided courses and 1:1 mentoring. She has literally designed everything from carpet to cars, travelling the world to do so, while juggling being a mum. One great leader she worked closely with, Roger Milliken, was known for saying “There is Dignity in Work”, which has become a personal mantra.

Now she wants to work with people to find a new way to live after tragergy. She gets loss. She gets grief. She gets recovery, and how to feel good about yourself again.



Today, my socially anxious son high-fived four characters at Dreamworld and cuddled one.    It was an ordinary moment that I’m sure happens regularly for many families, but for Royden, this was  a huge...

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Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daycare used to just be a movie to me but now it’s a very real nightmare. Now it sends cold chills down my spine while at the same time giving me the hot sweats. Now the mention of Daddy Daycare has given me a brand new respect for my wife and what she does every single day.


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A Parcel Pick Up Drama

A parcel pick up seems like a simple task on a normal day. today however, was no ordinary day. It was an ordinary day where I got a little upset after I felt a little disrespected. I was frustrated, antsy, and just needed some air and  something to focus my mind on. I looked down at the floor in the doorway and saw an Australia Post card that was left saying I had a parcel to pick up from the post office. Then it all started to go wrong.

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Childbirth – The Musical or Comedy?

Is childbirth the Musical or the Comedy? So, I recently gave birth to my firstborn son, Tyson Isaac Ariel Holt.  His name means high-spirited, laughing, lion of God.  We had chosen these names before he was born, but strangely the high-spirited and laughing bits were particularly relevant through his birth story.

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Motherhood – Learning the Lessons

Motherhood has bought with it many challenges, many lessons, and many blessings. Unbelievably, it’s now over 9 weeks since I gave birth!  Nine weeks! And I haven’t blogged a thing!!! Fortunately, when you have a new baby, people are incredibly forgiving and make many allowances for you.  This is just one thing I’ve learnt since having a baby.

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Should Men Cry?

Should Men Cry? Well in today's day and age many people get upset that the question is even asked because us blokes are supposed to strive for being sensitive, in touch with our feminine side, secure enough in our masculinity to be comfortable showing emotion. However I think I have gone too far at times.

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Sleeping Difficulties in Pregnancy

Sleeping difficulties in pregnancy seem to increase the further along I get in pregnancy!  Being 37 weeks, one of the difficulties now is that I have a full-sized baby whose body clock refuses to match my own.  Time for me to sleep is time for him to play and almost always time for him to get the hiccups.  This, however, is not the worst offender working against a good night’s sleep.


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Dizziness in Pregnancy

Dizziness in Pregnancy is a symptom that many pregnant women experience at some point or another. This can cause difficulty in doing the most basic of household chores, stop you from going out, give your husband an oppotunity to make an absolute fool of you. The average day basically.

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