Here are a few more things I’ve learnt:

1.  A new baby is the perfect excuse for bidding quick farewells to telemarketers and door-to-door sales people

2.  Being at home with a baby does not mean you’ll stay on top of the housework (something which I very mistakenly believed!).  One thing a day is a good goal.

3.  Some babies poo once a week and when it comes, it comes in abundance.

4.  My baby poos many times a day.

5.  Pooing many times a day does not stop it from coming in abundance.

6.  Napisan is a mum’s best friend. 

And on a more serious note…

1.  The cry of your own baby breaks your heart in a way you didn’t know was possible.

2.  The attitude you take to your baby crying, not how much your baby cries, makes all the difference to how well you cope.

3.  The best attitude for me is to accept with appreciation that my son wants to draw me into his world and sees that I can help him meet his needs.  What a privilege.

4.   It also helps to appreciate the gift of free will that he’s been given and his desire to exercise it.

5.  Babies exercise their free will regularly.
6. The smile of your baby warms your heart in a way you didn’t know was possible.

7.  The five year wait to meet my son was worth every second.

8.  Every second with my son is worth more than words.