Dime Sheppard, Crime Writer, author, indie, first-time, fantasy, black and white

Dime Sheppard is a writer and former barista, film student, waitress, Spanish teacher, vineyard labourer, bilingual interpreter and marketing manager. And some former other stuff. She has a degree in English literature, and also spent seven years working for an NGO, mostly in South America. 

This means she has diverse skills: she can string a sentence together, and she can also pee in the desert while fending off a baby goat, cook a delicious meal for thirty people with little more than potatoes and oregano, dig a bogged truck out of metre-deep mud with a broken teacup, and shower in cold water in the dead of winter without a murmur.

Dime Sheppard delivers a smart and witty romance about a crime novelist who recruits her main characters to investigate her maybe-unfaithful fiancé – and Sammy the producer LOVES it!

Find out more at: https://www.dimesheppard.com/