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Do You Need Approval? A Chance to WIN a $20,000 Home Renovation

For your chance to have a shot at a $20,000 Home Renovation simply get Luke and Susie to make a call on your behalf. What do you need someone’s approval for? Are you nervous to ask your spouse for weekend away with your friends? Maybe you want to ask a girl out on a date but you need help from from your friends Luke and Susie. We are here for you. Let us know who to call and you will have a chance to win AND get approval.

Terms and Conditions – Luke and Susie – Do You Need Approval

NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/13526

SA Permit No. T17/738

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  1. Tiffany Soligo

    Please help me get approval

  2. Jenny Buchanan

    My daughter needs her bathroom renovated badly. She wont even shower there anymore because of toads and snakes coming in through the holes in the wall. My husband and I support orphans in the Philippines who lost their families in a typhoon and that’s where our money all goes to.

  3. Deanne

    thank you for the chance. We were saving for a carport and kitchen reno but one of our animals was badly injured and subsequently died and another has to have some special needs met so all our savings have gone.
    There are likely a number more deserving people but it’s wonderful to at least have a chance. God bless for that opportunity.

  4. Lianne

    If I am given the approval I need, I can reduce my stress and overload to concentrate on recovery after much needed surgery.

  5. Lea cave

    Thanks Luke and Susie for spreading gods word and enriching people’s lives every morning! You are two funny peeps!!
    I’m hoping my mum and dad will be lucky enough to win the much needed home makeover they so desperately need!

  6. Naomi

    Very exciting, thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Robert caffrey

    Thank you, enjoy 96.5 very much. great work

  8. David Swift

    Hi, I have an old garage I would like to put up. I need my wife’s approval. I don’t think she will be too keen. Her name is Helen Swift.

    Thanks from David.

  9. Lauren

    I’d love to get my mums bathroom renovated, she has spend the last 17 years fighting to get her house into her name after a muck up its finally hers now after the stressful battle she has done an awesome job raising me and my two brothers by herself always went without so we could have I’d love to give back to her

  10. Jillian Knight

    would love to have the chance to renovate our outdated bathroom and kitchen and bring them into the 21st century . Will soon be retiring and would like to downsize and sell our home to help our daughter buy her first home.

  11. Anne

    My needs are selfish in desperately needing a kitchen renovation when there is no money to do it but also to take a break and treat a good friend to a holiday after the suicidal loss of her son.

  12. Joanne

    Love laughing along with your show
    Great fun

    • Luke Holt

      Thanks for the comment Joanne, we love that you love the show.


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