When Darren nominated himself and wife Julie into the Do You Need Approval competition he had to outcomes in mind. One, he of course would have loved $20,000. Two, he wanted to have Julie agree to have his baby. Darren has children but he and Julie have none together and he wanted that to change.

When their names were drawn out of the box to have a shot at the $20,000 home renovation Luke couldn’t control himself and he called Julie instead of Darren. Within 12 seconds he suddenly came out with, “Would you be willing to have a baby?” Thankfully things didn’t get ‘too’ awkward and we got to the draw.

Darren went with his favourite number 32 which contained $500 which as Julie stated is, “better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.” She went on to suggest the $500 would be spent to buy a new crib for the expectant soon to be expectant Julie.

Congratulations to Julie and Darren Sandrini on the $500 and the soon to be growing family.