People Pleasers are defined as “a person who has an emotional need to please others often at the expense of their own needs or desires.” Luke asks how to care for the people pleasers in our lives without asking them to stop being the kind hearted humans they are.

“My curiosity led me to develop a sense of awe and wonder about the human body and why sometimes things went wrong. I’ve spent my life looking after the health and wellbeing of others, first as the Principal of a group medical practice and then from my workplace-based consultancy Brain Fit established in 2009 specialising in brain health, mental wellbeing and social connection.

“What gets me out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to impact someone else’s world, seeing the spark of insight in their eyes when they ‘get’ what they can do for themselves. As a voracious reader and prolific writer, I continue to indulge my curiosity and have just published my fourth book Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good Life (Wiley)

“As a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and best-selling author my vision is to enable everyone to be a happy, thriving human. I’ve always believed that while knowledge is power, it’s knowing how to apply that knowledge that is the gold. My goal is to create safe and positive environments where everyone can learn, upskill and enjoy what they do, whether it’s studying at school or university, working for themselves or working for an employer.”- Dr Jenny