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Dr Susie O’Neill – Put Your Hand Up!

Dr Susie O’Neill – Put Your Hand Up!

Put Your Hand Up’ for every child to be safe – free from harm and injury.

Your support will help to raise funds for our prevention programs, recovery programs, advocacy work and events, so KIDS can continue to build strong lives for Australian children and support those living with life-changing injuries and trauma.

You can support the campaign by purchasing a pair of gloves from:

Susie is a Doctor of Philosophy of Education, qualified preschool and primary teacher who specialises in working with children at risk. Her interest in empowering children to protect themselves began in 1988 whilst studying teaching at the Ballarat College of Advanced Education and working alongside the Children’s Protection Society. Susie has dedicated her studies and career to the children at risk focusing on educating them to prevent and recover from injuries and trauma. In 1993 Susie founded the KIDS Foundation and now has a position as the CEO and is a member of the Board.

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