Xenia Schembri is the woman behind the inspirational book “Brave Little Bear” and the “At The Ark” organisation. She fights sexual abuse through education via her book and website, showing victims that there is hope and that abuse is something that can really be prevented or countered.

In this podcast episode we talk about how abuse can impacts the lives of victims and their families, how much we lack awareness of this growing problem in our very own backyards and what can be done to prevent things like this happening.

et0-3:00 minute mark – Luke and Sussie intro and commercial

11:34 minute mark Luke and Sussie intro of today’s guest author Xenia Schembri of the book entitled “Brave Little Bear”. Sussie and Xenia talk about how Xenia came up with the story of the book and the organization. Xena’s family and their children’s traumatic experience of being abused by a close family member and how they got through it as one.

13:55 minute mark – Sussie asked Xenia how she found out about the abuse and what happened. How the case of the child was mishandled at first.

17:00 minute mark Sussie asked Xenia what does she wish she had then that she’s now providing through the ark. Xenia she wished she had the skills and the knowledge to talk to her about it, about how to protect themselves. That if she had those skills she might had been able to protect her kids.

18:00 minute mark Sussie and Xenia talked about the stats of number of children being abused. Xenia wanted to change the stats by writing a book to educate the children.

19:19 minute mark – Luke, Sussie and Xenia talked about sensitively talking about body parts the parent and children way.

20:40 minute mark Luke and Xenia talked about the chances that abuse can happen to anybody and how keeping secrets is so dangerous.

22:30 minute mark – Sussie shared her experience of getting books to teach the children the basics and praise Xenia for writing a book that can help her sensitively and carefully discuss it with her kids, a book that will help parents discuss concept of child protection and sensitive matters.

24:40 minute mark – Luke shares one of their experiences (his and Sussie) with the kids having a discussion what to do on cases like talking to strangers etc. Xenia agreed that about the stranger danger concept but like what happened to her situation we should all be aware as danger could be closer, could be a family member, neighbor or a friend who could do awful things to your kids.

27:40 minute mark – Luke asked Xenia how her kids are doing right now, how did they recovered from it. Xenia is happy to say that her children are all grown up, independent and have dealt with the traumatic experience of abuse with the help of counseling and support from them as their parents. They have constant communication, reporting and receive constant advises of making sure that their own kids are safe too (Xenia’s grandchildren).

29:20 minute mark Closing Part.

To find out more about Xenia Schembri, go to: Xena Schembri

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