Perhaps Australia’s leading expert in nutrition and health, Dr Joanna McMillan completed a Bachelor Degree in Science with First Class Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics in Scotland and moved to Australia in 1999 to complete her PhD with The University of Sydney. She’s also a trained fitness instructor, with countless television, radio and press appearances.

With her new book Get Lean, Stay Lean out now, we asked Dr Joanna about how she got her start in the spotlight and her best advice for those of us wanting to live healthier lives.


0 – 2:25 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercial.

2:26 minute mark – Guest from the Australian Venom Unit and writer, Dr. Ronelle Welton. According to one of her researches, more people are killed by horses in Australia than all venomous animals combined. Some deaths are caused by allergic reaction from venomous animals not from the venom itself.

Media played a big part on the growing fear of going to Australia because of venomous animals, which is a total beating. Spider plague article – seeing more spiders in Australian houses because of the weather.

Creating more anti-venoms from venomous animals. It’s all about prevention and being knowledgeable about these venomous animals.

13:42 minute mark – commercial.

14:13 minute mark – Guest TV personality, media commentator and author of “Get lean, stay lean” Dr. Joanna McMillan. Looking you and is aging well.

14:51 minute mark – Joanna’s first appearance on TV was at 2004 TV series Burke’s Backyard and have been in the business for 12 years now.

15:30 minute mark – Joanna was taking her PhD when she was discovered by the producers of the Burke’s Backyard.

16:22 minute mark – Her knowledge of Science got her the role!

17:13 minute mark – “Get lean, stay lean” is about eating delicious real food and changing habits for the better.

17:46 minute mark – Drifting back to old habits is what makes it hard for people to lose weight.

19:56 minute mark – eating disorders like Anorexia/Bulimia and Obesity.

21:00 minute mark – “Get lean, stay lean” is more about an eating program, it is also about having appropriate body fat level and maintaining and building muscle mass as we get older and metabolism.

22:46 minute mark – Junk food (which includes softdrinks, cakes, confectionary sugar, chips, non-real food) is the Achilles Heel of every human being.

24:00 minute mark – It’s all about food choice. Choose vegetables, fruits, real food over junk food!

24:50 minute mark – What are some great healthy snack options?

25:33 minute mark – the difference between added sugar from sugars that are naturally present in a food.

27:00 minute mark – One technique is to hold oneself off and allow yourself be truly hungry on a meal. Most people hardly feel hungry because they eat before your time of hunger.

28:00 minute mark – Try more looking at your body and become in tune with your body. Try the Japanese way called Hara hachi bun me, a Confucian teaching that instructs people to eat until they are 80 percent full.

29:15 minute mark – Dr. McMillan’s incredible accent!

29:40 minute mark – Dr. Joanna McMillan has everything in terms of social media presence and ease access except for a Wikipedia page!

31:07 minute mark – for Joanna the foundation of her “Get lean, stay lean” program is for people to enjoy because she believes we have to have pleasure on the way we are living.

31:40 minute mark – despite of her young look and good physique there’s one thing Joanna takes she wish she and others wouldn’t eat/drink is wine.

32:13 minute mark – Joanna grew in Scotland then move to Australia in 1999 for opportunity/career and just fell in love with Sydney where she started her own family.

33:25 minute mark – Luke shared his experience in his stay in Scotland during the Olympics in which he had a hard time understanding the accent of Scottish people.

Is Joanna’s accent a soft accent or already a mixed Australian and Scottish accent?

35:44 minute mark – “Get lean, stay lean” is a solution or an ending to the complete madness that there is on dieting and extreme exercise regime. To brings the joy back to healthy living, for people to get a better body image of themselves, to get a better relationship with eating and with living healthily and to make a real positive difference of many around the world.

36:30 minute mark – Closing part.

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