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Episode 892: Sharon Witt -This One Life

Episode 892: Sharon Witt -This One Life

We have the pleasure of speaking to author, Sharon Witt.

One of Australia’s leading book authors for young people to chat about her new book, “This one life”

If you’ve ever felt stuck, unmotivated, struggling through life, believing this is as good as it gets, then this book is for you! Throughout the pages of this book you are invited to let go of your past mistakes and hurts and to dream again. You only have this one life and your present circumstances do not define how your story ends.

If you’ve ever wanted to dream new dreams, move on from past hurts or disappointments, you will be challenged and encouraged throughout the pages of this book.
Bestselling author and speaker, Sharon Witt shares her journey of faith, hope, and living her best, most inspiring life, encouraging women from 19 to 99 to re-imagine their life and dream new dreams. Her journey has not been easy, but she is determined that this is not how her story ends.

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