Luke and Susie are both big fans of the Channel 9 series, Lego Masters and the contestants Damian and Andrew have been a favourite in our household! On this podcast we’ll chat to Damian about his experiences on the show and what it was like behind the scenes…
(Image from Channel 9)


About Damian and Andrew

For best friends and LEGO® lovers Damian, 43, and Andrew, 49, LEGO MASTERS could not have been a more fitting competition to take part in — they’re two big kids who are extremely strategic with their builds. Andrew and Damian love to discuss every little detail before embarking on their creations. They love being able to put their creative minds together to design new builds.

Although he can find multi-tasking difficult, Damian is determined to be working to the best of his ability, taking advantage of his eye for detail and desire to have a job well done. A lifelong LEGO builder, Damian’s earliest memories revolve around what has become a lot more than just a hobby. The bricks have been his favourite toy since he was six years old, and he remembers some of his treasured sets including a mechanic’s workshop, a snack bar and a roadworks digger.

Damian’s biggest build is a medieval display that takes up more than three tables. It features two castles, a village and a harbour. He says: “Building with LEGO transports me to another place where time stands still. I can get lost in the creative process for hours.”