Zero Co began as an idea, dreamed up by an unemployed bloke in need of a shave, a shower and a good hard look in the mirror. That blokes name is Mike Smith (yep that’s his actual name). This is the story of how Mike (along with Alyssa, Kate and Alana) brought Zero Co into the world.

Mike, Alyssa and Kate went to Indonesia for Zero Co’s 1st ocean clean-up where 6,000kgs of plastic was pulled from the Java Sea off the coast of Jakarta to be made into Zero Co dispensers.

Now Zero Co has launched their most epic idea yet…Oceans 21! 21 million tonnes of plastic flows into our oceans every year. That’s one truck of garbage every single minute. Single-use plastic is the main culprit. So the aim is to pull 21 tonnes of ocean bound plastic from Aussie oceans so we can turn it into our forever bottles! 

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