Were the Grannies none the wiser to the highly lucrative – and highly illegal – cargo they transported here, as they claimed? Were they setup and betrayed by Vera’s nephew? Or could they have been the unlikely masterminds behind the entire plot? Now, 45 years after they set out on their ill-fated journey, it’s time to tell their story.

After a career in journalism spanning a decade from1974, SANDI LOGAN joined the Australian foreign service and undertook stints in PNG, Bonn and Washington DC, before returning to Canberra as a spokesperson for various departments, agencies and ministers until consulting in communications strategy from 2014. 

He not only reported on the Drug Grannies’ plight after their sentencing in early 1978, but actively fought for their release. He interviewed them extensively, and has exclusive ownership of the women’s diaries, writings/musings, correspondence, birthday and Christmas cards (during imprisonment), scrapbooks, extensive photographs and travel documents, including their deportation and ‘freedom’ orders.