It can be a fine line between family and business when you work together and take the children with you wherever you go, but that’s exactly what today’s guest, Naarah Seagrott from Alabaster Box, along with her husband did. Starting from a radio competition, they made big waves in the Christian music industry in Australia, before heading to the States to take on the music industry there. Now, they’re back in the land Down Under with a new album, two children and an impacting message.

Also, Forbes have brought out their list of the top earners through Youtube and amongst it, we highlight the story of Lindsey Stirling, whose tenacity has a life lesson for all of us.


John Bevere or Jack Hayford, but always come back to the Bible for life

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”


Low: Lost new phone
High: Family holiday with the kids

Learn more about Naarah and Alabaster Box:
See Lindsey Stirling in action:

We Will Not Be Silent
Alabaster Box


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