So, with that in mind, this week’s new experience was shared with hubby in the context of a date night.  It was time to head out for some entertainment and our show of choice was 100% Kylie at the Village Green in Mulgrave.

With Tyson safely in the hands of my sister-in-law, we headed over to the Village Green with two things in mind:  buffet dinner and 100% Kylie.

It’s been a long time between buffet dinners for us Holt’s, so this was kind of a big deal.  We decided to wait 45 minutes for the next sitting and sat for a drink and a chat.  Was so lovely to have some space to just chat about the mundane, the upcoming show and whatever else came to mind.

Finally it came time for the sitting of the buffet and, as we headed toward the restaurant area, we found that many others were ready before us creating quite a lengthy line.  Nonetheless, we had booked and so were relaxed, using the time in the line for some flirty fun.

After getting to our table, we had to line up again for the buffet… well… I lined up for the buffet.  Luke just found a plate and some unattended dishes and so started loading his plate without realising there was an orderly queue.  The food was, well, ok.  It was fairly inexpensive for a buffet, so we weren’t anticipating fine dining (it was a buffet after all!).  A good selection of mains and a good selection of desserts left us satisfied at the end of the meal.

During dinner, we took the opportunity to send some text messages to Lucy, the star of the Kylie show.  I messaged stating I was Dannii and Luke messaged calling himself Dannii’s fiancee, Kris.  Her responses left me even more excited about the upcoming show.

We made our way to the cabaret room and found it a bit difficult to find our seats.  Most people there for the show had booked the “dinner and show” package, whereas we just booked for the show.  We finally found some stools and tables at the back which we assumed were for we mere show-goers.  

We bought a program and were enjoying looking through it when a friend of ours, also at the show, decided that she was on a mission to find some extra chairs to have Luke and I join her and her husband and friends at a dinner table right at the front.  There was no question that Nola would succeed at her mission and we soon found ourselves in prime position ready for the show.

Thanks Nola!

I was bursting with excitement on the inside as the lights dimmed and the show was introduced.  I felt like I would burst if it didn’t start soon.  Sure enough, “Kylie” made her way on stage and wowed us with her first number.  

Half a song in and I knew I was going to love the whole show.  The costumes were exquisite, the dancers fantastic, the singing was great and the crowd interaction was engaging and fun.  

I had two favourite parts of the evening.  Firstly, during the “Locomotion”, Lucy was near our table and gave me a tap on the shoulder as she sang the line, “My little baby sister can do it with ease” – a reference to our dinner texts.  And, well, it‘s true.  I can do the locomotion with ease.

Secondly, at the end of the night, “Kylie” sang “Celebration” and had some audience participation, which she gained by getting people from the audience on stage.  She scoured the audience and chose Luke as one of the people to get up on stage, dance and sing along with her.  Now, a bit of a back story here, we know Lucy who plays Kylie through work where she is Luke’s co-host on the brekky radio show.  It was a very deliberate move to get him on stage and as he left the stage she made reference to our pre-show texts again commenting on how much he looked like her sister’s fiancee.  Luke will state that he didn’t enjoy going on stage, but I know he loved every minute!!

All in all, 100% Kylie was a fantastic show that for me was marked with the best evidence of its excellence: I felt better on my way out than I felt on my way in.  This show was engaging, exciting and a whole lot of fun.  As date nights go, this one will go down as one of my all time favourites!

Cost:  $20 each for the buffet, $25 each for the show.  Total:  $90.