Sitting in the lounge one evening, Luke told me that he was heading to Queensland for a few days for a Christian Media Australia Conference. My response was not the usual, “That’s nice, dear”.  Rather, I sat  upright and almost yelled with excitement, “Can I go to Queensland too and have some time with my family?”.

He barely had a chance to say yes before I was on the phone to mum making sure she could accommodate us, on the computer booking tickets, and planning the packing. 

After organising the trip, we realised that we might just be able to wangle things so that we had a day together and we could drive to a place that was halfway between my family and Luke’s family and celebrate with them the birthday of our son.

This is how we found ourselves at the Duck Pond in Gympie. 

We were driving in from the south, with Luke’s family coming from the north and the duck pond was almost the exact midpoint.  It didn’t take us long to find each other on arrival and find a nice covered area to sit and eat lunch together with some play equipment close by.

For anybody who finds themselves in Gympie, I would have to say that for some great family time, the Duck Pond is a fantastic place to spend some quality time together.

In our couple of hours there, we made use of much of what is provided.

One of our nieces and two nephews were there.  The niece is into animals and delighted herself in feeding the ducks and watching the turtles in the lake.

The boys are a bit older and are into skateboarding, so made good use of the skate bowl. 

All of the kids enjoyed the play equipment with all kinds of interesting contraptions to play on, including something for the littlies like Tyson.

There are covered areas, open areas, plenty of amenities.  All in all… it’s just fantastic.

So, what did we do there apart from all this?  Well, we celebrated together as a family our little boy Tyson.  And it was so lovely to be together with our family to celebrate again this miracle that arrived after five long years of praying.

So, Gympie Duck Pond, you have endeared yourselves to us.  If we ever find ourselves at the Muster, we’ll be back!