Fortunately, the trip to Queensland was a last minute plan and so I didn’t have too long to think about it.  Luke and I flew up together, but the big thing was that I was going to brave the flight home with Tyson and no other adult to help me keep him settled.

Now, at the best of times, flying with a baby can bring a certain amount of anxiety.  Will they scream and disrupt the other passengers?  Will they be sick?  Will they cause havoc amongst a plane full of strangers?

The good thing for me is that we’ve flown a few times with Tyson before, and each time he’s been really great.  And each time I’ve had Luke by my side to entertain, cuddle or distract Tyson if needed.
I am learning to be brave though.  Particularly as a mum, I need to be brave.  So, I go in prepared.  I’m prepared to yell at the plane full of people should they glare at me in judgment.  I’m prepared to walk ceaselessly up and down the aisle.  I’m prepared to spend the whole flight in the toilet. 
Now, we’ve never come close to needing to do any of these things with Tyson before.  So, I’m prepared, but I’m hopeful that my bravery will not be called into action.
As I board the plane, it becomes very clear that this is a full plane.  I mean, a full plane.  Hmmmmmmm.  I’d kind of been hoping that there might be a spare seat. 
Fortunately, I’m on an aisle and the lady next to me seems kind.  The last person to board the plane was the lady across the aisle from me.  She seemed a bit scary at first, but I soon realised she would be a good ally for me on this flight as she immediately engaged with Tyson.
There was no turning back.  The plane was taxiing and take-off was imminent.  As I looked down at Tyson, I soon noticed that there was a very good chance that Tyson was going to go to sleep.
Lo and behold, a few minutes into the flight, my baby was sleeping!!!  This was the best flight ever!
The total flight time was just over two hours and my lovely Tyson slept for around half of the flight. 
Then came the strategy.  I had a toy, I had food, and I had two friendly ladies.  Shortly thereafter I discovered a fourth strategy.  One of the on board staff made animal noises. 
Between the four strategies on a random rotation system and a nappy change, the flight zoomed by and was survived with minimal fuss.
I don’t know about Tyson, but I felt like a million bucks!  More than that, I realised again just how much our son continually surprises me with just how well behaved he actually is. 
Result, I feel like there is an option for a solo flight with baby to a new destination adventure opportunity for the future.  Woohoo!