So, it’s week three of my “Something Old Something New” challenge and this week I wanted an experience with my son.  Now, to be honest, when I woke up this morning, I didn’t really feel like going anywhere.  If I didn’t do it today, though, the challenge would be skipped this week and that‘s just not an option.  What I needed was a new experience that Tyson and I could enjoy without expending too much energy.  So, we headed into the city to the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens.

Strangely, I had never been to Fitzroy Gardens in the nearly four years that I have lived here.  I’ve driven past many times, but never took the time to go in and literally smell the roses.  Today was the day.

After preparing some yummy food for the trip including some home-made vegemite and cheese scrolls and some even yummier chocolate chip cookies, the picnic was packed and Tyson and I loaded into the car to make our way into the city.

With only a vague idea of where I was going,   we made our way towards the park and stumbled across not only Fitzroy Gardens, but a brilliant park right outside a gate.

As we walked in, I was quite overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.  Noticing some swings and a slide, Tyson and I made our way over for our picnic.  This was to be our first ever picnic together.  Poor Tyson, at only 9 months old, wasn’t ready for the decadence I had set before me, so he was given some of his favourites – cheese, rice crackers and some healthy potato chips.

It didn’t take long before I started to realise that picnics are a great way for Tyson and I to spend some quality time together.  Being on the ground, we’re both on the same level, eating at the same time and sharing the experience of all that is around.  I’ll definitely be doing the picnic again.

Post-picnic, we headed over to the swings for Tyson to have a play.  He giggled with delight as he swung back and forth.  The sky was clear, the sun was warm and it was truly a beautiful day.

Now for a whole new experience that only Fitzroy Gardens can provide.  Cooks’ Cottage.  This is the home of Captain James Cook that has been disassembled and reassembled right here in Melbourne.

The only problem was, Fitzroy Gardens is huge and I had no idea where the cottage was.  I was pointed in the general direction by a lovely lady also in the park and decided we’d just give it a go.

Walking through the park, we passed a lovely coffee shop, gorgeous gardens with benches and many a jogger. Hmmmmm… should I have a little jog?  Nah!

We arrived at Cooks’ Cottage to find that it costs $4.50 for an adult to go in.  I decided that having the stroller with me might make it difficult to get the full benefit of the experience, so we stood outside and enjoyed looking over the fence at the stunning cottage and pristine gardens. I’ll put the full experience of Cooks’ Cottage in the “something I’ll do one day” basket for now.

Looking over the fence, there was a group going through the house and enjoying the experience of trying on a coat and hat in the fashion worn by Captain James Cook.  Another group moved out of the cottage and it was then that it occurred to me how tiny the cottage was in comparison to the size of our homes today. 

As we stood at Cooks’ Cottage, I noticed the Conservatory to my left and so decided to head over.  Wow!  It’s only one room with gardens and a pond with fish, but it is truly breathtaking.  Tyson caught the attention of two lovely ladies sitting on the bench inside and we stopped to have a little chat before continuing on our way.

Once outside we found a sign to “Fairies Tree”.  Following the sign, we found that it was not far from where the car was parked.  With Tyson pretty exhausted, and me a little weary too, it was time to leave.

All in all, we were there about an hour-and-a-half and it was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had with Tyson. The exercise of the walk couldn’t have been easier, the cookies couldn’t have been yummier, the scenery couldn’t have been more beautiful, and my company couldn’t have been cuter.

Cost:        $4.60 for parking.