Some weeks are busier than others and getting an opportunity to do something amazing and new can be quite difficult.  However, as a mother, sometimes those natural opportunities present themselves.  That’s what happened this week as I visited for the first time Ringwood Lake Park.

It was Thursday afternoon and Tyson looked up at me and said, “Va va va va va va mum”.  Having such a keen understanding of baby gibberish, I interpreted it as him saying, “Mum, can we please go to the park so we can enjoy some quality time together, some fresh air and maybe even go somewhere new?”  Well, who can say no to that?

So, we jumped in the car and headed out to a park that I’ve passed several times and yet have never stopped to walk through – Ringwood Lake Park.  How often do we do that in our lifetimes?  We drive past so many things with a “one day I’ll do that” kind of attitude.  That’s part of the goal for this year.  This is the year that those “one days” come to be.

Finding a park right out the front, Tyson and I headed into the park coming immediately face to face with the Ringwood Lake.  Filled with ducks, it was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous site.

Tyson has reached an age now where he can actually enjoy going on the swings at a park.  With that in mind, the play area was where we immediately headed.

Without question, this is the BEST play area that I have been to in a long time.  There is such a broad range of equipment for kids to play on with something for all ages from toddler to teen.  What really sets this park apart, though, is its catering to the disabled.  This park has in it something that I have never seen at any other park I have been to.

Within the play area are two swings that are tailored to those with special needs.  One in particular is truly fantastic.  It’s a swing that is designed specifically for a wheelchair.  How cool is that?

Continuing through the play area we moved to a baby swing when we were joined by another mummy there with her two children.  Her daughter got on the swing beside Tyson and the mum and I started having a chat.  Apparently, some people were surprised by the proximity of the play area in Ringwood Lake Park to the actual lake.  There is a path between the equipment and the lake and there is plenty of seating for parents to supervise to ensure that children don’t get too close to the water.  So, as we spoke we both agreed that we love the park just as it is.

This park is not too far from my home, so I look forward to heading back there with hubby in tow for a family picnic.  With so much open space and the ability to feed the ducks and so many ways to keep Tyson engaged it’s the perfect place for families to spend quality time together.