On today’s podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with multi award winning country music artist, and all round great guy, Adam Brand for the second time on the show, in person as he joins us in the Luke and Susie studio.

A lot has happened since we last spoke with Adam including becoming a Dad and welcoming the birth of his first child, a beautiful baby girl, as well as the release of his brand new album, “Speed of Life”. 

As Adam describes it, “The whole experience of making this album was a vastly different experience to all the other albums I’ve done in the last 20 years. It was a calm and stress free process and I put that down to the place in life I’m at. I felt no pressure in putting this album together… no urgency to find that big hit song… to be honest I let my heart guide me this time, and my heart was full of the wonderful notion of my baby girl who was about to be born. I whole heartedly believe she gave me that calmness and clarity in knowing what I wanted to sing about this time around.”

We’ll find out more about the album, his cooking skills and what it’s like becoming a Dad for the first time…