Our guest in this podcast could be one of the best stories we’ve ever heard, losing a limb from a tragedy during the war in Afghanistan to being a Paralympic Gold Medalist. We are really inspired of this man’s great courage and fighting spirit, he is none other than Curtis McGrath.

et0-2:37 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

2:38 minute mark – Guest Paralympian Gold medalist in the sports Canoeing and former Combat Engineer with the 6th Engineer Support Regimen Curtis McGrath.

3:23 minute mark – The 23rd of August 2012, Curtis lost his legs while on the battlefield during a blast and at that moment from out of the blue he said he wanted to join the Paralympics.

5:22 minute mark – making the world a better place, memoirs of war in Afghanistan.

6:57 minute mark – The explosion in Afghanistan that marked and changed his life forever.

8:00 minute mark – Curtis is still at comfort knowing it happened to him than to a comrade.

8:30 minute mark – The use of Prosthetic legs.

10:10 minute mark – the amputation and discovering the strength of his legs.

11:48 minute mark – adjusting and dealing with the pain.

12:57 minute mark – The start of his Paracanoe career.

13:20 minute mark – Why Canoeing?

15:10 minute mark – Is your success more of a mental thing? (mental health)

16:34 minute mark – Being the bearer of the Australian flag during the closing of the ceremony.

17:22 minute mark – what’s life between Paralympics.

18:27 minute mark – how finances work for a Paralympian (the funding).

19:27 minute mark – If ever you can still work for the defense force of Australia what role will you take? “I’d be an Ambassador” – Curtis McGrath.

20:14 minute mark – Closing part.

20:15 minute mark – commercial.

20:44 minute mark – Guest Luna, packing shoe boxes as gifts with goodies.

22:00 minute mark – Born in Ukraine, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1994 changing the lives of many people in Ukraine including Luna’s from being rich to becoming poor, gave her the idea of packing shoe boxes to give as gifts to kids.

23:20 minute mark – going to Australia and continuing on packing shoe boxes as gifts to kids.

24:00 minute mark – “Operation Christmas Child”

24:30 minute mark – The concept of being rich, what we have now others’ don’t.

26:11 minute mark – Luna’s own shoebox experience and its lifetime impact on her.

27:50 minute mark – making kids Christmas happier.

28:30 minute mark – 17 years of sharing, remembering the kindness of other people and giving it back by being sharing to people who are in need.

29:51 minute mark – Closing part.


To find out more about Curtis McGrath, go to: Curtis McGrath

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