Wendy McArthy - Dont Be Too Polite Girls book politics advice Educator, activist, agent of change – the life and career of one of Australia’s most influential women. This inspiring and enlightening memoir is filled with cautionary tales and insider stories about being female in Australia.

Wendy McCarthy is an experienced manager and company director who began her career as a secondary school teacher. She moved out of the classroom into public life in 1968 and since then has worked for change across the public, private and community sectors, in education, family planning, human rights, public health, overseas aid and development, conservation, heritage, media and the Arts. She has a long track record of advocating, campaigning and fundraising for women’s issues in public life.

Wendy has held many significant leadership roles in key national and international bodies. She has established several businesses, including the national consulting practice McCarthy Mentoring which is now owned by her daughter Sophie McCarthy. Wendy McCarthy is an experienced speaker and facilitator and is regularly asked for comment on social and political issues.