It was a normal work day. Julia was 27 weeks pregnant and nothing was out of the ordinary. Suddenly, everything changed and little did she know that this one moment would change the shape of her whole future. At 27 weeks, Julia delivered her first child, prematurely, leading him to have more than 100 night in hospital before going home. In this episode, Julia shares her story of experiencing premature birth unexpectedly and of then launching an online forum to provide others with the support she couldn’t find during this dark time.

Also, one little coffee shop in Gympie has captured international attention with a simple sign placed out the front. Listener, Cathy, gets knighted as we round table this discussion with Knights of the Round Table


For the first time, we got nuthin’!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Share your heart with the world.”

Going on an adventure in the car to a new place/exploring

Low: Children being sick
High: Seeing her son’s face when his playdate came over

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